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AirX is committed to providing its clients with an experience, not just a journey. We pride ourselves in what we do; we aim to deliver an experience to remember.

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Inflight Service

AirX offers its guests an industry-leading Inflight Service.

From the moment you step onboard, our Fight Attendants will be there to support all your needs. 


Experience first-hand our commitment to service excellence and focus on making your journey as relaxing as possible. 

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Private Aircraft

Fine Dining

AirX provides access to the industry's top fine dining caters to please the culinary expectations of our guests.


We believe that fine dining is part of the AirX experience. For this reason, we meticulously handpick our catering partners so to ensure the best service possible.


We also pride ourselves on having the utmost in good fine wine selections from regional wine estates across the world.


For guests who enjoy the culinary diversity of travelling, AirX also offers an exclusive selection of cuisines tailored to our guest's choice. 

Private Aircraft


Our diversified fleet can cater to all types of travel, from VIPs and business trips to Groups such as delegations or music tours.


The fleet has luxurious interiors that have been purposely designed to provide the best comfort and luxurious experience possible.

We have worked with industry design experts AeroVisto and CabinAir to enhance our onboard experience, from selecting exquisite materials and finishing touches. The results offer spacious and modern interiors, which make each journey memorable.

Private Aircraft


We make sure that your pets enjoy the comfort and attention they deserve; we pay great attention to following veterinary protocols and recommendations for their well-being during your journey.

Private Aircraft

Family & Friends

Each journey is an adventure that is often shared with our family and friends.

AirX is committed to providing an exceptional experience to families and pet inclusively. We make sure that your family and pets enjoy the comfort and attention they deserve.

For families travelling with young children, AirX offers an inflight program that explains and explores the world of aviation, which genuinely makes the AirX experience rememberable. 

As for our pet companions, we take great attention in following veterinary protocols and recommendations for their wellbeing during your journey.

Private Aircraft

Personalised Experience 
Signifier Jet Card

The SIGNIFIER Jet Card program was specifically created to accommodate the most demanding needs, taking the AirX experience to another level.


It offers a fixed "live rate" and guaranteed availability, starting at 50 hours. 

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